Belated Christmas Post

It’s already 2012 and I’m writing a post about Christmas. We’re all down with bronchitis at the moment, I fell sick first and passed it to the children, now that Ally is getting better, Max has started coughing.

We did manage to have a lovely Christmas, this year we booked a local hotel in the heart of Orchard road for the kids to soak in the Christmas atmosphere. It rained a lot of the time but we still manage to go out walking to view the Christmas lights.

The hotel thoughtfully remembered that Max loves these chocolate chip cookies and provided some in our room

The kids were too excited to let me take photos, they kept running around

I had no idea why Max chose to lie on the carpet and sing " Old King Cole" - the effects of too many chocolate chip cookies

The second night Ally started coughing, she woke up in a coughing fit and I thought I would need to send her to the nearest hospital for some medication. Thankfully I had some children’s lozenges in my bag and that helped calm her down a bit. I spent three hours trying to settle her back to sleep, in the morning she awoke like nothing had happened while I felt like a zombie.

We spent Christmas Day with the extended family, eating way too much of course. The kids were so incredibly lucky to receive so many presents, too many in fact. They really enjoyed all the attention that everyone paid them, Max was obsessed over his train sets and car garage while Ally was thrilled to receive a make-up kit among her many gifts.

Now that Christmas is over, the countdown begins to the arrival of Giraffe. It’s hard to believe that in less than 5 weeks we’ll have a new member in the family!

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