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Saying Goodbye

A few days before Christmas we had to say goodbye to our dog of 18 years. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but he’s become so senile and arthritic that he no longer had any quality of life.

We bought Zack when he was just 4 months old and since then he has been a much-loved member of the family. He was extremely intelligent and lovable, my best friend through all my teenager years. When I got married and moved out, I had to leave him with my parents as he had already lost his eye sight and it would have been cruel to change his environment.

It was heart breaking watching him grow old and succumb to dementia, I like to think that he knew he was loved till the very end. He died peacefully in my mother’s arms. We made the choice to euthanize him, and from the time the appointment was set, it was an agonising week, especially for my mom who had become his main caregiver.

Now that he’s gone, our other dog is mourning his loss. The poor boy has been depressed, obviously worried and wondering where his brother is. I once read that ” grief is the price we pay for love” and though it’s been so painful losing Zack, he has given us so much love the past 18 years.

Our beloved Zack

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