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It’s Party Time!

I swear, the children have better social lives than I do, at times I feel like the driver that just ferries them around to parties.

Recently we were invited to a few birthday and early Christmas parties and needless to say the kids had a blast.

One of Max’s favourite parties was for Ally’s classmate who had a construction theme party. Right up Max’s alley!

He loved all the different machines but this was his favourite

I always appreciate some healthy food at kids parties, if not I end up with overtired, over sugared children at the end

Every year the cleft centre organises a Christmas party for the children at the hospital. We love going and the student volunteers always do an amazing job organising games for the children. I didn’t manage to take any pictures of Ally cos she was too busy running around with the other children.

Max enjoying his treat

Another party was held at a friend’s house, it’s our yearly get together. All the children have known each other since they were babies. Imagine 6 4 year olds running around! Oh, and don’t forget the younger siblings of course. It was and always is chaos but the kids really enjoy each other’s company.

Thanks to the talented Uncle Ian, the kids had marverlous face paintings!

Ally loved her butterfly and didn't want me to wash it off at the end

Max's Thomas, drawn from a tiny picture on my iphone

It’s the week before Christmas and the parties are starting to wind down, Ally is really excited about Christmas this year. We’re going to spend it with family as usual and I can’t wait to see their reactions when they open their presents from us.

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