Our Furry Friend

Neesha is one of those really special dogs, we have another rescue dog that lives with my mom and even though he is a great dog, he comes with emotional baggage.

We adopted Neesha over two years ago and from day 1 she has always been fantastic with the children. Even then the kids are always supervised whenever they are around her. After all she is a dog and animals can be unpredictable. Ally is really more a cat person but Max has really taken to her. He refers to Neesha as his best friend and the two of them really have a special relationship.

She is so tolerant and gentle with the children

Best friends having a nap together

With the two kids, it’s hard to find time for Neesha, she gets walked three times a day but she really loves swimming. The other weekend both the children were staying with Grandma so I took the chance to take Neesha for a swim. She loved it and its great excercise for her especially with her bad hips.

She is a fantastic swimmer

Seeing her enjoy herself makes me happy

Splashing good time

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