Holiday Shows at Shopping Malls

It’s that time of the year again when various shopping malls bring in different stage shows to draw the festive crowds. Last year we took the children to watch Hi-5 and Barney and this year was the same. The Hi-5 show is always fantastic, they have such high energy and all the kids get up and dance/sing along. Ally loved this year’s show so much that she has seen it 3 times.

Once again United Square has brought back Barney and his friends. Last year the entire show was Barney, BJ and Baby bop. This year they mixed up the characters a little so he appears with Pingu and Fireman Sam. The children didn’t enjoy it as much, both Ally and Max only wanted to see Barney and were so excited when he appeared. Max enjoyed this show a lot more than Hi-5, I guess the songs are more suited to his age group while Ally sat quietly till they sang one of her favourite songs before she got up and danced. It’s a much younger crowd at the Barney show as you can imagine. The different characters come out one at a time to sing some songs, Barney, being the crowd favourite stays the longest. Pingu makes a very brief appearance but the kids enjoyed seeing him.

These shows get extremely crowded and having survived the crowds, let me share with you a few tips.

  • If your kids want to do the character Meet and Greet, be prepared to queue at least 1 1/2 hours ahead of the show.
  • Being stuck in a queue for more than an hour is not much fun, bring along things to keep the kids entertained. I usually pack crayons, paper, some snacks and small toys.
  • If you are late, have the courtesy to sit where you are told, we have had so many parents try to squeeze in front of us despite being late. Not only is it rude, it’s plain annoying especially when the rest of us have been queuing up for over an hour.
  • Queue in an orderly manner, it’s amazing how we forgot basic courtesy and act like our kids. After the show there is usually another queue for the Meet and Greet and this is where chaos happens. Everyone rushes to the side of the stage like the world is ending.
  • Most of the shows run through mid December, you can check out the websites of the different shopping centres for show times and dates.


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