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Hanging Out With Hi-5, Part 1 and 2

We saw an advertisment for Hi-5 camp and immediately thought that Ally would be interested. Then we saw the price and thought again and then we reconsidered and signed her up. We thought it would be good for her, good for her confidence as she would have the chance to sing and dance throughout the two days of camp. It would be her first time being alone from 9.30am-5pm but I did promise her that I would stay outside on the first day in case she needed me.

It’s been half a day and so far she’s loving it. When we first arrived she had a small meltdown and said she changed her mind but after calming her down and talking to her, she started to warm up. It helped that she had her penguin with her to make her feel secure. The minute they started singing Hi-5 songs, all her fears were forgotten. When she came out for lunch she was all smiles and eager to tell me about her morning. Then she ran into one of the Hi-5 members and that made her day.

After lunch the campers had front row seats for the Hi-5 show held at the shopping mall. Ally behaved like such a groupie, she squeezed to the front of the stage, screamed, danced, sang and just enjoyed herself the entire time. It makes me happy to see her enjoying herself and so full of confidence. What a change from just 2 years ago where she would cry over every little new situation.

Part 2

It’s day two of camp, Max is along for the day as grandma has to work. Ally was all excited this morning and ran off with her new friends immediately. Poor Max wanted to follow her to camp but I told him he was too young. His reply ? ” I am a big small boy mama”  Indeed you are my little man.

Ally’s group spent time with decorating cakes and cupcakes with a member of the Hi-5 cast, it looked like a lot of messy fun from where I was sitting. Most of the cast have been really excellent with the kids, Lauren in particular but there was on exception. That particular cast didn’t seem very interested in hanging out or interacting with the children , maybe she was having a bad day, who knows.

The camp ended with the kids doing a performance with Hi-5, Ally was fine at rehearsal but when it came to the real thing, she was star struck.  After her performance she had a chance to meet Lauren and take some pictures. By the end of camp, she was extremely tired but very happy, we are so proud of her for being so independent and settling in so well.

Welcome Campers!

Group Photo with Hi-5

Getting Tim's autograph

Lauren's turn

Her favourite Hi-5 member

One last hug before going home



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