Boys And Their Dads


Max loves to hang out with his dad, it all started about a few months ago when Mama no longer became the flavor of the month. He’s lucky to be surrounded by so many strong male influences. The majority of the time he’s with Ally, myself or grandma and let’s face it, men and women are fundamentally different. We parent differently, we play differently and we discipline differently.  Speaking of discipline, I’ve been having a tough time in that area with regards to Max but I do notice that he respects Matt’s authority a lot more. He definitely realises that Matt’s the alpha male in the household. Max adores my brother as well as my cousins who are all male. He’s always asking them to build train tracks or play with one of his many vehicles.

Matt really takes the time and makes the effort to hang out with Max. It’s important for Max because it will be through his interaction and bonding with Matt that he learns how to be a man, a husband and a father.

Hanging out and watching Ally's school concert

Safe and Secure in Daddy's strong arms

Goofing around as usual

Male bonding- I love how he is holding onto Matt's hand


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