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Trip To The Singapore Philatelic Museum

In a bid to avoid the crowds, I decided to take the kids to the Singapore Philatelic Museum. Honestly I wasn’t sure how interested they might be, especially Max but since its free entry for kids and just $5 for me we decided to give it a go.

The museum is pretty small, we were the only ones there which was great cos the children could take their time fiddling about with the exhibits without anyone rushing them.

There were lots of interactive displays and even if the children didn't understand the contents, they enjoyed opening and shutting the cupboards

Walking through the museum made me think of my grandfather who was an avid stamp collector. I remember seeing some of the rare stamps on display in his albums at home.

They loved the rabbit exhibit best of all

You can find out about the different exhibits from their website. A lot of it was lost on the kids but I quite enjoyed the museum. They were happy to touch the various displays and play with the computers.

More opening and closing

Max checking out an old telephone while Ally plays a game on the computer

Banging on the chinese drum

More drums = more noise

Trying out traditional wooden clogs

The kids were fascinated by the old telephones and even the typewriter. The museum would be great for slightly older children who will be able to fully appreciate the exhibits. Nonetheless, the children enjoyed themselves and so did I. Not a bad way to spend an otherwise boring afternoon.



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