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A Proud Mom

Today Ally showed me what a determined and tough kid she can be. It happened rather unexpectedly, her two other swim buddies didn’t show up for class so Ally ended up swimming with her coach’s daughter. The two girls are the same age, in fact Ms V is about half a year younger than Ally but she is a much stronger swimmer.

Due to Ally’s competitive nature, everything that Ms V did, Ally wanted to copy or do even better. She managed to hold her own most of the time until it came to the duck dive. Ms V made it look so easy , so Ally jumped right in as well. Unfortunately it looked more like a belly flop than a duck dive. She ended up choking and getting water up her nose. Anyone who has ever experienced water up their noses will understand that it hurts like hell. She was close to tears but managed to calm herself down. On the outside I pretended like it wasn’t a big deal, inside I really felt for her. With a few encouraging words I sent her off to the pool again. She surprised me by attempting the duck dive a few more times and even managed a few successful attempts.

After class I told Ally how proud I was of her for trying and for being so brave despite the initial hiccup. She lamented that Ms V was still a much better swimmer than she was but I explained to her that everyone is good at different things. I assured her that as long as she kept practising she would be as good as Ms V one day as well.


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