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Witches, Princesses and Penguins

My mom had this idea to dress Ally up in her various costumes and get some pictures taken. Thankfully my cousin agreed to be our photographer and he did a great job. Unlike Ally, Max hates dressing up but he did get his picture taken as well.

A very demure looking Ally as Sleeping Beauty

Max acting like he is way too cool for all this

In her halloween outfit

My favourite shot

Max goofing about

For Halloween this year, Ally wanted to be a witch. Thank goodness she didn’t ask me to make her a costume, honestly that child gives me too much credit. Max didn’t have a choice, I just took out Ally’s old penguin costume, altered it to fit him and that’s it!

Ally the flying witch


They both looked really cute, an American friend of ours invited us to her place which is Halloween central. The kids had a blast, Ally helped to hand out candy for close to 2 hours and they filled their treat bags pretty quickly as well.

They both looked so adorable that night, in my totally bias opinion

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