Bedtimes And Sleep Training

Both the kids go to bed between 8-8.30pm every night. This also means they wake up before 7am on most days. Ally takes about an hour’s nap in the afternoon while Max naps between 1.5-2 hours. Their early bedtime is crucial for both theirs and my sanity. Both kids are a nightmare when they are tired and frankly, so am I.

Truth be told, Ally was a terrible sleeper as a baby. She would hardly nap and would wake up crying after each nap. She and all of us who looked after her were constantly tired. Once we took care of her medical issues, we begin to put her on a schedule. Nothing rigid but we made sure meal and nap times were consistent each day.

We stopped carrying her to sleep, this was easier said then done and it was thanks to Matt that we managed to wean her off it. It wasn’t easy and took a long time, Matt would place her in her crib and sit beside her. Night by night he would move further and further away till he could finally leave her alone to fall asleep.

When Max came along, we started the “Eat, Play, Sleep” routine with him. He could fall asleep on his own and was generally very contented. I couldn’t believe my luck at how easy it was! To be fair, Max had no medical issues and is generally a more laid back character than Ally is.

Now that they are older, they share a room and a bed. We moved Ally into a super single bed after Max took her crib and one fine day Max decided he didn’t want to sleep in his crib anymore. He asked to sleep with Ally and it has been that way ever since.

For a long period of time, everything was great. Both the kids went to bed without any fuss. Then Max started his ” I need Mama to sleep with me!” mantra. Thankfully Ally can sleep through an earthquake so it didn’t bother her.  Since Max has Ally for company, we usually leave him to fuss if he wants to. Eventually he stops and falls asleep.

With baby no.3 on the way, we’re going to use the “Eat , Play, Sleep” routine again. Hopefully that works out, I’m not sure how giraffe is going to nap with all the noise that goes on at home but he/she will just have to adapt. For the first few months giraffe will sleep with us but I hope to move him/her in with the other kids later on.

Of course not everything is as perfect as it sounds. There are nights that the kids would stay up and play in bed, laughing, joking . Matt and I usually ignore it unless it goes on for too long. Part of why we wanted them to share a room was to have those sort of experiences as siblings. I remember whispering to my brother long after my mom had turned the lights out. Some nights I would creep over to his bed and try to squeeze in because I was scared of monsters. Matt and I would usually stand outside their door and listen to their chatter, most of the time we have to stifle our laughter cos they are just so cute and say the funniest things.


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