I’m Proud Of My Kids

I know many parents, especially Asian parents don’t say this but I am proud of my kids. They are well-behaved ( generally) , come up with all sorts of funny games to amuse themselves and both have an excellent sense of humor.

When we were children, if any adult praised us in front of our mother, she would modestly say ” oh no, you know they are….” and proceed to list our negative traits. It’s not because she wasn’t proud of us but it’s just not the Asian culture to openly praise one’s own children.

I personally tell the children when they have done something well, I try to acknowledge good behavior and at the same time, help them with areas where they are struggling. My kids are by no means angels, stop by our house on any given day and I’m sure you’ll hear Ally and Max quarreling with each other. But what matters most to me is that I know they try, they try to listen , well as much as a 4 and 2 year old can anyway.  So yes, I am proud of my kids and I’m not ashamed to say it .

My pride and joy


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