Learning To Be Responsible

Ally had to learn this the hard way yesterday. Some Mondays it is a pain to get her ready for school. She is exhausted from the weekend and finds it hard to wake up. We had one of THOSE Mondays. It took her forever to get into the shower and dress herself. As usual, I packed her lunch bag and reminded her about the things she needed for school. Before we left the house, I reminded her once again.

By the time we reached school, she realised that she had forgotten her lunch bag. She was clearly upset and said that I had forgotten to take it for her. I had to remind her that her school things were HER responsibility , not mine and that I had reminded her time and again to check her things. She then asked me to go home and pick it up for her but I said I had to work so since it was her mistake, she had to go without her snack for the day. Now if you know Ally, you would know that food is very important to her. To go without her snack is just about the worst punishment she could ever get. But she took it in her stride and went off to class.

It was heart breaking to see her face but it’s also important for her to take responsibility for her own things. This morning she packed her school bag, took her lunch bag and laid them neatly by the door so that she wouldn’t forget. Hopefully she has learned an important lesson from this incident.




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2 responses to “Learning To Be Responsible

  1. Homeschool@sg

    I always like your parenting values! You’re raising good kids! If it was in my house, it wouldn’t bother sonshine boy one bit if he didn’t bring his entire bag, let alone his snack! sigh, but if it was iPad then….. Hahahaha!

  2. aww! I remember forgetting things when I was younger and had to pay a price for my own mistake too. I mean, seriously, up till now,everyone’s still got to take responsibilities for their mistakes isn’t it? Hope Ally learnt well!! It’s good to train and teach children to be bold and take their own responsibilities when they are still young. 🙂 Brave Ally!

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