My Little Man

Max is growing up to be a real rugged boy, he loves wrestling with his father and always leaps before he thinks. Combine that with his natural clumsiness and it’s a recipe for disaster. He’s hardly without a train or a car in one hand and would rather run/jump instead of walk.

Drawing with Ally

Unlike Ally, he likes everything to be in an orderly manner. When he plays with his trains, he lines them up neatly and gets upset when Ally pushes one out of line.

Lining up chairs to form a train

He reminds me very much of his father, a quiet observer with an explosive temper. He enjoys his own company and is very contented playing by himself.

Playing with his cars and trains while waiting for Matt at the showroom

In a couple of months, he’ll go from being the baby of the family to a big brother. I’m not sure how the transition is going to be like but it’ll be interesting to find out.


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