Battle Of The Wills

Most of the time Max is rather easy going, but like any 2 year old he has his moments. Take this morning for example, we came home from the market and he refused to take off his shoes. Instead he demanded that I do it for him. He can put on and remove his own shoes, no problem, he just wanted me to do it. So I said no and walked into the house. He stood at the door and screamed. I said to him ” if you want to come in remove your shoes” and left it as that. He continued to cry and scream for the next 20 minutes , I would ask him if he would like to come into the house, he would say yes. Then I told him to take off his shoes, once again he’ll scream No! and start to cry. This went on and on, so I just stayed in the living room where I could see him and started to do some work. Eventually he got tired, sat down, removed his shoes and came to me for a cuddle. I told him that he had to learn to do things on his own, and that it’s no fun sitting at the door crying when he could have been playing.

Right after his morning meltdown, hugging his favourite soft toy for comfort

We’re definitely going to have the battle of the wills from time to time but I believe that consistency will be the key to riding out his toddler years.


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