Drip, Drip, Drip

Recently I have noticed that Ally’s palms start to get sweaty after writing for some time. I have lived with sweaty palms my whole life and since it can be hereditary, I was praying that none of the kids would inherit it from me.

To give you a rough idea of how badly my hands sweat, they don’t just sweat, they drip. You can literally see sweat dripping off my fingertips. As a child they were a plain nuisance. I couldn’t swing on the monkey bars cos my hands would slip off, when we had to line up in pairs, no one wanted to hold my hand. At that time we had these huge cupboard folders for Art, those would disintegrate in my hands within minutes.

Everything affected my palms, needless to say if I was nervous they would sweat more. If the temperature changed, they would sweat. Walking out of an air-conditioned room into a non air-conditioned room was enough to trigger it.

Oh, did I forget to mention that my feet would sweat as well? Not as badly as my palms but bad enough. I carried a hanky with me where ever I went and at the end of each school day my mother would have to fish out this damp hanky out of my pocket. Writing was a nightmare cos paper just dissolved and pens would smudge. I would place a face cloth underneath to absorb my sweat in order to write. When I sat for my PSLE exams, my mom requested for extra time for me to finish my papers. A lady from the Ministry of Education came to assess how bad the situation was so that they could determine how much extra time they would allocate. I remember she had a stack of thin papers and asked me to place my palm on it, I soaked through those papers with ease.

As a teenager I no longer wanted to carry a hanky, that was just not cool. I kept a small white towel in my pocket at all times, my friends knew about my sweaty palms of course and were used to it by now. When I went for my first internship I was horrified at how many people I had to meet. Shaking hands was extremely difficult, I knew how gross my wet clamy hands must feel but not to shake someone’s hand was equally rude. In the end I would give my hands a wipe, with a quick apology, quickly shake their hands.

As a mother, it had its share of inconveniences as well. When the kids were babies, I would soak through their romper just from carrying them. As toddlers they didn’t seem to mind holding my clamy hands but I found it uncomfortable.

Even going shopping was a nightmare, I couldn’t carry any paper bags. Picking up a merchandise to take a closer look at it was a no-no since I would leave wet fingerprints. Looking at something in a display case is the worse, you know how those cases usually have little spot lights? Well those spot lights are HOT which makes my hands sweat like crazy. Filling up forms are another hassle, worse if the sales person is waiting for me to fill up a registration form of some sort and I have to do so standing over the display case!

Many doctors believe that sweaty palms are due to over active sweat glands. My hands are so sensitive that they have started to sweat as I typed this post. Before writing this they were stone dry but just thinking of them being sweaty has made them sweat. I can actually feel when it starts, there is a tingling feeling before the flood gates open.

Over the years the sweating has decreased slightly, my hands still drip but they do stay dry for longer periods of time. You can understand why I am concern that Ally’s palms have started sweating as well. Having lived with it all my life I know how inconvenient it is.

I have tried many treatments to try and stop the sweating, creams, lotions , they seemed to make it worse instead of better. My other option is surgery or Botox injections, none that I am keen to explore. It’s become a part of me, but hopefully in the future someone might find a cure that is less invasive.



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  1. germ

    Hey Jill, have you tried using anti-perspiration deodorant on your hands? Might work! I read somewhere that you can use it for sweaty feet too.

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