The Big Giraffe

We have decided not to find out the gender of baby no.3 but Max has decided that it’s a giraffe. At least that’s what he says each time he sees the baby on the scans. I have to admit that even after two kids, I can hardly make out the parts of the baby on the scans either. The other day I thought I was looking at the face, my doctor kindly told me that we were looking at the baby’s stomach.

As it turns out, giraffe might be the biggest of all our kids. Ally was tiny, just 2.6kg when she was born. Max was slightly bigger, over 3kg. Based on recent scans and measurements, giraffe looks set to be around 3.5kg. It’s no surprise that I’m feeling enormous and it doesn’t help that giraffe is one active child. She/he moves about constantly and kicks vigorously after meals. During our last scan, we could see giraffe yawning , playing with its hands and finally putting its hands over its face. It was quite cute actually, even if giraffe’s face resembled that of an alien.

In a couple of months we’ll finally find out if giraffe is a boy or a girl, but for now, it’s just a big giraffe.



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