Weekend at Shangrila Rasa Sentosa

It was one of the rare weekends that Matt didn’t have to work, at first we thought of driving up to Malacca but then we decided to save the hassle and stay here instead.

The last time I stayed at the Rasa Sentosa was more then 10 years ago, since then the hotel has undergone a complete refurbishment. There were still minor renovations going on but nowhere near the rooms so we were never disturbed. We had a hillside room which was fine with us but if you’re one for scenery, opt for the sea view. The children loved watching the boats and ships, especially Max who got very excited each time we reached the lift lobby.

One of the reasons why we chose the Rasa Sentosa is because it’s child friendly. One can say the same for the Festive Hotel at Resort’s world but we didn’t plan to visit USS and the loft beds at Festive doesn’t suit our family with two young children. I can just foresee a head injury from either Ally or Max falling out of the loft bed.

Kids enjoying the Disney Channel which they don't get at home

Who needs to go to the gym when your 10kg son demands to be carried

The main draw for the children or rather Ally, were the 3 slides at the swimming pool. When it comes to swimming, Ally and Max are total opposites. Ally jumps straight in, while Max prefers to hang around the edge of the pool, especially if the water is cold.

straight into the pool

She went down those slides countless times

The great thing about the slides are that they don’t go very fast, perfect for young children. Children need to be under 1.2m to be able to ride the slides and parents are not allowed to slide with their children on thier laps. The pool is shallow, less than 1m hence the height rule. It’s perfect for Ally, she’s able to go up and down those slides on her own while we waited at the bottom for her. When the guard went for a break, Matt took Max up to have a go as well.

Max wasn't quite sure the first time round but soon wanted to keep going

One thing to note, if your children are wearing those one piece bathing suits, they tend to be a lot more slippery. If they wear rash guards and board shorts like Ally and Matt, it tends to slow them down on the slides.

Entering with a splash

We spent hours at the pool, it was nice and sunny but the kids were protected from the scorching sun as the kids pool had a canopy.

You want me to go on THAT slide?!

Happily playing with his water toys

Right next to the swimming pool is the beach, I’m not a fan of sand nor the sea but the kids wanted to build sandcastles.

Matt helped the children build sandcastles, which Max had great fun destroying

We had dinner at the hotel and the kids were thrilled when the band started playing.

Watching the guitarist intently

The next morning we were awaken by monkeys stealing our swimsuits. There was a sign on the balcony door cautioning guests not to leave their things out on the balcony, point taken. Luckily the monkey was willing to trade our swimsuits for a packet of biscuits.

The monkeys that came to visit

We kept the balcony door shut and the children could watch the monkeys playing on our balcony in the safety of our room. A bigger male monkey came along later and he didn’t look very friendly so I was glad we had the door shut. Our room included breakfast for all of us, the breakfast spread was extensive and the food was good. There is a little buffet counter set up just for the children with Milo, milk, cereal and biscuits.

In the evening we took the bus to resorts world and let the kids pick out treats at the candy store.

Max was very happy with his chocolates

On the bus back to the hotel

Our weekend was over way too quickly, the children didn’t want to leave, in fact Ally started to cry as we were checking out.


Max was totally oblivious to Ally's tears

There are a couple of restaurants in the hotel itself, the food is pretty decent but it does come at a price. There are cheaper options if you take the bus out to Vivo city but we were too tired and hungry to venture out. Another thing to note if you’re driving, the car park is small and gets filled up very quickly. We parked our car ( guests get complimentary parking) and just used the Sentosa buses to get around. It was much easier that way. The beach gets very hot during the day, best time to go would be in the late evening.

There’s a kids club within the hotel, the bigger play area is for kids above 5, it’s totally unaccompanied. There is a smaller room with a ball pit for the younger ones which requires parental supervision. We didn’t check out the kids club as the children were too busy in the pool. Ally and Max enjoyed feeding the fishes in the pond, actually Max decided midway that he would rather keep the bread for himself then feed it to the fishes.



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