Treasuring My Firstborn

Ally is an extremely good big sister, she looks out for her brother and sets good examples for him. So many times I forget that she is only 4. I place a lot of responsibility on her little shoulders which isn’t always fair.

As the 2nd born, I don’t always understand what its like being the oldest child. Lately I have realised that I tend to forget Ally’s physical needs. Max always asks to be carried or cuddled, Ally isn’t like that. But lately she’s been wanting to sit close to me and when I put my arms around to cuddle her, she melts. It made me realise that even though she doesn’t say it, she does enjoy the close physical contact.

My cheeky girl who loves theme parks

Ally and I are so much alike that we often clash,  she knows exactly how to push my buttons. At the same time, she’s full of life, always enthusiastic and highly emotional. She’s such a passionate kid, she laughs loudly and at the same time, she cries loudly.

Not to mention she is ever protective of her little brother. When he cries at night, she comforts him, if he gets a scolding, she tries to shield him. They both have their fair share of fights of course, but at the end of the day, he’s still her best friend.

Always ready to jump in

I try to make time for just Ally, even if it’s just sending her off to school without Max tagging along. She is definitely a daddy’s girl but as she grows older, she seems to want to hang out with me more often. I’m treasuring these times as I’m sure it will change once she becomes a teenager.



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