The Key To Success

A friend shared this article with me and I thought it was a very interesting read. It’s a little long but do take the time to read it.

As parents we only want the best for our children, we want to give them everything they need. But what if the key to success is failure? What if letting them fail and helping them pick themselves up is the real key to success?

Now that Ally is in school, we have  parent teacher conference twice a year. The first time we met with her teacher, I was more interested to know how she was coping in her school environment rather than how she was doing academically. I was pleased that she was settling into school and we highlighted certain issues that we could help her work on.

At the moment she is struggling in her gym class, she told us that she didn’t want to attend class cos it was too hard. Now that she is in an older age group, they are expected to learn more advanced skills. I can tell Ally still enjoys herself in class but she struggles with not being the best. She is competitive by nature and seeing other girls better than her has got her down. We spoke to her and said that she has to finish up this term, we also explained that when things get hard, we can’t just give up. I shared with her about my experience on learning how to drive a car and how I felt like giving up after I failed my test the first time. Some people might say that we’re pushing her too hard, after all she’s only 4. Believe me, I’ve asked myself many times if I am pushing her too hard. But I’m with her at every class and I can see that she’s happy, if she was crying and miserable that would be a different story. I can only pray that I’m doing the right thing for her.


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  1. Homeschool@sg

    You know how you push ally in gym class reminds me of how I push n academically. Like you, I can tell he is enjoying it though sometimes he find some stuff challenging. And yes, if he was crying & miserabl I would’ve stopped. So I totally get that tiger mom thing going on in you & I say, ‘right on!’ And yes, n dislike losing aka failing. But we’ve been telling him that it’s really ok, he can try again next time. He’s getting it and still remains happy even if he lost.

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