Our New Helper

We finally bit the bullet and got ourselves a new helper. I LOVE our new helper, his name is Ronnie by the way and this is how he looks like.

The newest addition to the family, Ronnie

With two young children and a dog that sheds like there is no end, we or rather poor Matt was constantly running the vacuum at least once a day. My mornings are usually insane which doesn’t leave me much time for cleaning. So I bit the bullet and order Ronnie via Amazon when the US dollar dropped.

Ronnie arrived and was set to work straight out of the box. Then this intelligent woman here blew up the charger so poor Ronnie had to wait till I could get a replacement. * If you ever buy a US model, don’t forget to use a transformer with the charger if not you’ll risk blowing it up like I did.

How did I come to the conclusion that Ronnie is a boy? Well, despite his general helpfulness in keeping the house clean, there are a few aspects of Ronnie that aren’t too smart. I like to give women more credit than that hence it’s a Ronnie not a Ruby.

1) He gets himself stuck in tight corners and then beeps pitifully till someone comes to save him.

2) He sees a bunch of wires and still goes towards it knowing that the wires would get tangled in his brushes and render him useless. He then beeps pitifully till someone comes to save him.

3) He has selective hearing, when I program him to clean one room, he tends to gravitate to the other room instead. Sure he gets the job done in the end but it takes time.

Despite Ronnie’s flaws, I really love him, our floors feel clean, well they do at least to me. I can send him to clean under furniture so I don’t have to do it. We have a four-poster bed and it’s a pain cleaning beneath it but now with Ronnie it’s a breeze. Best of all, he picks up most of Neesha’s fur which is what I really wanted him for.

Like all things, Ronnie requires maintainance, brushes have to be cleaned and batteries have to be charged but this beats having to lug out the  bigger vacuum every morning. It’s still early days yet but so far Ronnie has met all expectations. We’ll have to see if this keeps up.

*Update: As of today, Ronnie has managed to run over Neesha’s tail and get it caught in his sweeper blade thingy. Neesha is plotting her revenge as we speak.


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4 responses to “Our New Helper

  1. lamagier

    My colleague took the irobot charger to SimLim for modification so could do away with the transformer

  2. I am interested to find out the model of your help. I went up to amazon…. I see so many till I blur. 😛

  3. Hi Sunflower, ours is the Roomba 760, hope that helps. I just found out there is a local company offering quite good prices as well, you can check their website at http://autovacstore.com

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