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Merging Their Lives With Ours

The other day someone asked ” do you bring your kids everywhere with you?” When I told said person yes, she gave me a really strange look. We don’t have a helper so that doesn’t leave me with much choice. In actual fact we are so used to it cos that’s the way things have been since they were born.

There are times when we do leave them with grandma who is always happy to babysit but ordinarily they come with us to the bank, the post office and of course, supermarket shopping. True it takes twice as long with both kids in tow but it’s a great learning experience for them. Ally realises that food needs to be bought with money, she knows the post office is where we collect parcels and buy stamps. Recently she has learned to order her favourite soya bean drink on her own and count out the exact change for the lady. Max can walk into a coffee shop and order his own Milo ping and kaya bread though more often than not the auntie doesn’t quite understand him.

When we had kids, we made a conscious decision to change our lives to suit them. When we plan holidays, it’s now all about them. That doesn’t mean to say that it’s always about the kids but we learn to compromise. If I need to go shopping, I let the kids hit the bookshop after as a treat. I keep my shopping trips short since I know they don’t have the patience to wait.

Luckily for me, Matt is an extremely hands on father. The reason why I can cope without a helper is because he’s such a great dad. We work like a well-oiled machine, if one person is busy with work, the other automatically keeps an eye on the children.

Since we literally spend the entire day with them, I am usually wiped out by 7pm. Hence the kids go to bed at 8pm so that we adults finally get some alone time. It’s the only way all of us can retain our sanity.


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