Hong Kong Disney Part 2

It was scorching hot by the time we got to the park and Max had fallen asleep once again. We headed to ” Its A Small World” so that we could relax in some A/C.

We bought the kids sunnies to shield their eyes from the scorching sun


Max asleep on " It's A Small World"

We were lucky that there wasn’t any queue for It’s A Small World so we just sat on the ride continuously while Max napped. The downside is I had the song stuck into my head for half a day. Since Max was still asleep after the 3 of us were all Small-world sick, we left the ride and bought Ally and ice cream. Since the hotel had given us priority seats for The Golden Mickeys we decided to catch the show. There was an extremely long queue but thank goodness we could skip all that. The show was great, even if it was in Cantonese. Both the children loved the characters and performances. Definitely a must see but do go early to get a good seat.

Ally's turn to nap

Immediately after lunch, Ally fell asleep in the pram and woke up just in time for the parade. We rented an extra stroller for the day, it was much easier for both the kids and ourselves.

The parade was fantastic! The children loved the floats which were so colorful and best of all, they got invited to be apart of the parade as well.

My personal favourite, Eeyore

Ally's favourite, Tinker bell, who looked rather manly

Joining in the parade fun!

After the parade, Ally still wanted to have her photo taken with Tinkerbell so we walked around trying to find her. FINALLY we realised that she had her own little garden set up behind the Dumbo ride so we checked the timings and headed over to Adventure land.

Checking out the drums at Adventure Land

It was time to meet Tinkerbell and Ally was beside herself.

Max joined in the fun

She wanted to see Tinkerbell again after her first photo taking session but I knew Max wasn’t interested so Matt took him on the carousel while Ally and I queued up again. She had a long chat with Tinkerbell about who knows what but she was really happy at the end of it.

A kiss from her favourite fairy

Since it was our last day at Disney, we decided to stay for the castle light up and the beginning of the fireworks. Ally wanted to go back to the club room to say good night to Mickey which meant we had to HURRY.

The castle light up was beautiful

We knew that once the fireworks were over everyone would start to leave and there would be huge queues for the shuttle buses. So we let the kids watch the beginning of the fireworks then we made our way back to the hotel.

She managed to catch the mandarin storytelling

And Mickey came to say good night


We had an afternoon flight the next day but I read in their news letter that sometimes the Disney Princesses would make an appearance at the club room at 10.30am. We went for our usual swim, had breakfast and as expected, Ally asked to wear her Sleeping Beauty outfit again. I didn’t mention about the princess appearance since the staff could not confirm and I didn’t want to disappoint her. But lo and behold, who should walk into the club room but Sleeping Beauty herself!

Meeting Sleeping Beauty

Ally was beyond excited, Max took one look at Sleeping Beauty and ran in the other direction. There was no one else in the club room at that time so Ally had Sleeping Beauty all to herself. She was kind enough to sit down and read a story to Ally.



She spoke to Ally for a long time and you could see the delight in Ally’s face. What a great way for her to end her holiday.

A big hug goodbye



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