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Out and About in Macau

The weather was HOT in Macau but we decided to venture outside of the hotel for lunch and to do some shopping. We headed to a well known shopping area for my mum and aunts to buy some snacks.

The street which was lined with bakery shops and eateries

The minute we stepped out of the taxi, the heat hit us with full force. Unlike Singapore, their humidity is relatively low so it’s just an intense burning heat. We headed to a famous bakery which thankfully had really strong air conditioning. The kids entertained themselves with the water dispensing machine while the adults shopped.  Each time we travel, Matt and I are very paranoid about the safety of our children. Our golden rule is to never let them out of our sight. Ally is easy cos she tends to hang around us but Max is known to wander off if he sees something of interest. We kept him in the stroller most of the time and used a child harness when he wanted to walk about. I know people have different opinions about using a harness but as long as my child is safe, that’s all I really care about.

Max's monkey pal aka his child harness

We had lunch at a local eatery, but this time both children were hungry and tired. In fact Max was so tired he just laid his arms on the table and fell asleep. Matt managed to get a shot of it and it’s one of my favourite photos from the whole trip, he looks so cute!

After lunch we decided to head back to the hotel to escape the heat. Unfortunately there was a long queue for taxis but we made it back eventually.

There is actually lots to do within the hotel, tons of shops to walk about and not to mention the gondola ride which both children wanted to sit. It’s obviously catered for tourist but turned out to be a really enjoyable ride. There are different canals within the hotel though none of them are connected to each other. All the gondola drivers could sing beautifully and we all enjoyed it.

Grandma and Ally enjoying the ride

Max happily snacking on his rasins

Admiring the decor

The slow movement of the gondola was lulling Max to sleep again, I think he could have sat on that gondola the whole day.

There’s also an indoor playground within the hotel, we took the kids there to check it out. It’s bright and airy and most importantly, clean. I have never seen an indoor playground like that before, some of the slides were downright scary with a nearly vertical drop. All kids needed to be in long sleeve and long pants to ride the slides, if they weren’t dressed appropriately, they had sweaters and pants for the kids. Ally was brave enough to try one of the scary slides and seriously, my heart nearly dropped as I walked her up to it. I kept asking her if she really wanted to do it and she kept saying yes. She tried it once and then decided to focus on one of the milder slides which was fine by me. Max stayed mostly in the smaller play area with Matt.

Juggling balls

Taking a break from playing

I didn’t manage to take any photos of Ally cos I was too busy helping her carry up these heavy bamboo mats that she needed to come down the slide on. Don’t recall how many trips I made up and down those stairs but it sure was a good workout.

Throughout the day there are performers around the hotel. We met a stilt walker and managed to catch an opera performance as well.

Even though the opera was sung in Italian, Max was mesmerised and refused to leave. I can’t blame him, they really had beautiful voices.

Listening to the opera

The hotel looked beautiful at night

That night we had tickets to watch Zaia which is a production by Cirque Du Soleil. I had seen one of their productions before so I knew what to expect. But I was very worried that the children would not sit through a 90 minute show. I was also concern that Ally would be scared by the make up and masks of the performers. Turns out I didn’t have to worry at all, the kids loved the show and were so well behaved. At times they got bored especially during the more artistic segments but overall they loved the effects and the acrobatics. We didn’t bring our camera as no flash photography was allowed inside.

Just hanging out and watching cartoons

We spent three days in Macau and really enjoyed ourselves, it’s not the ideal place for children but worth a visit at least once. Our next stop was to Hong Kong disneyland, !


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