We’re Back!

We just got back from our holiday to Macau and Hong Kong. The kids had a blast and Ally keeps asking when we are going back to Disneyland.

We flew to Macau on Tiger Airlines, the poor children had to wake up in time for a 6am flight but they were too excited about our holiday to grumble.

Both kids were barely awake

Nothing like some bread to keep Max happy

He really wanted to be left alone to eat his breakfast but his mama couldn't stop taking photos

The flight itself wasn’t too bad, both kids were very well behaved. Max slept for about 2 hours and somehow Ally managed to stay awake the entire flight despite waking up at 3am.

Fast asleep, thank goodness

She entertained herself for most of the flight which was a real blessing

Luckily for us the hotel was only 5 mins away from the airport. We were all tired and hungry by the time we reached Macau so our first stop was the food court. The Venetian hotel is massive and it’s very easy to get lost, even with the map given to us.

The decor was impressive, too bad the smell of cigarettes lingered everywhere

One thing to note if you’re traveling with young children, smoking is allowed everywhere in the hotel so the stale smell of cigarettes lingers. We had a non-smoking floor which thankfully was truly non-smoking. The rooms were very generous, we had two queen size beds and an additional sofa bed. My mom shared a similar room with her two sisters and there was still plenty of space for everyone.

Grandma and Ally at one of the lobbies, that's right, there is more than one lobby

The outside of our hotel

Checking out the view from the 3nd floor

The hotel was freezing, especially the hallways and lift lobbies, luckily the children had jackets. I made a mistake of only taking 1 pram with us and due to the vast size of the hotel, we did a lot of walking. This meant that one of us had to take turns carrying one child cos it was really too much for their little legs to walk.

Part of our package included tickets to an ice exhibition and to Zaia, a production by Cirque Du Soleil. I’ll tell you more about that in my next post.



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