Venetian Ice World

As part of our trip,  we went to visit the Venetian Ice World exhibition. We knew that temperatures would be around -13 degrees so I made sure to pack thick jackets for the children. Winter coats were provided free of charge upon admission but you had to bring your own gloves and scarves.

The cold does hit you the moment you walk in but it really creeps under your skin as you keep walking through the exhibition. The ice cravings are amazing but honestly my face was freezing so I couldn’t really appreciate the exhibits.

Getting ready to go in

Max looked really cute in his thick coats

Ally loved the exhibit and seemed to be the only one who could withstand the cold

My face was really freezing

I gave my scarf to Max who insisted that I carry him. Think it was hard for him to balance under all those layers

5 layers and counting......

My little penguin

The rest of the adults all bundled up

Finally he decided to walk on his own, or rather waddle

Ally on the ice bridge

Max and I on the ice sleigh

The carousel was amazing

Ally with her favourite penguins

The kids loved the ice slide!

Max kept asking me to take him down the slide

The ice bar

Overall the kids really enjoyed the exhibit, even though they were freezing. If you are planning to go to Macau, it’s definitely worth a visit.



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