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Teaching Maths

Up till yesterday, I never had the inclination to start teaching Ally Maths. She has always shown an interest in the subject but I always found it a pain.

Early on in my education career I managed to cope with Maths but as it got harder and harder, I fell further and further behind. Ironically I even took A math in secondary school and managed to pass it. But not without a lot of pain sweat and tears and I’m just referring to my teacher!

Looking back I realised that the reason I got so lost was because I didn’t have a good foundation in basic concepts. Even back then Math was taught at such lighting speed and I have to admit, I didn’t pay a lot of attention in school.

A friend was doing Right Start Math with her child and shared her experiences with us. It looked very interesting but far too parent intensive for my liking. I didn’t have the patience to prepare the lessons.

Another friend introduced Math U See and at first I was highly skeptical. Not of their teaching method but more of my own ability to teach. Luckily it comes with a DVD which “teaches” the lesson and parents can just model after what is shown. We met with the sole distributor who gave us a short demo of what the program was about. If you’re interested you can watch a video about the program here. http://www.mathusee.com/about-us/demonstration-video/

We started playing about with the materials last night and Ally caught on really quickly. On my part I watched the DVD after the kids slept so that I fully understood what I was suppose to teach her. It’s early days for me to comment on the program but I think we’re off to a good start.


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