A Kid Free Holiday

I went for a girls only holiday for the first time since the kids were born. Matt and the grandparents helped to look after both my monkeys while I was away. Saying goodbye to them was really difficult even though I was going to be away for just 3 days. The kids didn’t seem to mind that I was leaving, they were more excited at the thought of staying with grandma.

We stayed at The Westin which was a really beautiful resort. It’s only a year old so everything is still clean and new. Best of all we got upgraded to a 2 bedroom villa when our original booking was unavailable. We really lucked out cos the villa usually cost over $1k per night.

The resort is built on a hillside and looks really lovely at night

The living room in our villa

One of the bedrooms, it opens out into our private pool

Our private pool with the freezing water

There are lots of hills and slopes to climb around the resort but you can always call for a Tuk Tuk to ferry you around.

Westin hotels have one of the most extensive breakfast buffets and this one was no exception. Since I was kid free, I could sit down and enjoy a 3 hour breakfast every morning while reading the newspaper. It was a real treat for me, usually I just read history.

We took the free shuttle into Phuket Town and went off the usual tourist routes, away from the touts. There were lots of quaint cafes and old coffee shops, truly a walk back in time.

We had lunch at this coffeshop, uncle was just sitting there watching the world go by

My favourite cafe, simply because it had fantastic air conditioning and most importantly, a very clean toilet

My favourite dish, needed a bit more lime but it still tasted great

It was nice having adult conversations without being interrupted but everything made me think of the children. I knew they would love the resort, I thought of them when I walked pass the kids club and when I walked along the beach. Max would have said the pool was too cold but Ally would have jumped right in anyway. I rang home everyday and the kids hardly wanted to speak to me, they were having too much fun with their grandparents. I was glad that they didn’t miss me, it made me feel less guilty!





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