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Flying With The Monkeys

The children have been on airplanes several times since they were babies, unlike their parents who had to wait till their late teens to fly.

I know many parents dread flights with their kids, honestly so do I. You never know how the children are going to behave and who can forget the LOOK that the other passengers give you the moment you step into the plane with kids in tow.

I try to choose flights that coincide with their nap times. Either that or we take the red-eye flights. Secondly, I never let them fly hungry, airline food is well, bad so I usually feed them before the flight and then pack snacks for them throughout. It’s tempting to give them sweets or cookies but seriously, that could backfire when you have a sugar high kid that’s stuck in economy class.

I flew on my own with Ally to Hong Kong when she was about 18 months old. Thankfully she slept on the flight and was pretty easy going. I had a few people even come up to us at the end of the flight and told me how well behaved she was. Actually I bet they were just relief that they didn’t have to listen to a screaming child for four hours.

As a rule of thumb, I keep a small bag of toys, books, stickers, DVDs and a DVD player to keep them occupied. This time around I’ve packed small cars for Max, a bunch of magnetic sticker books and a few small cheap toys that I’ve been saving from party packs throughout the year. I do all my packing at night so that the kids don’t see what goes into the bags which adds to their appeal.

Ally on our flight to Hong Kong

Depending on our destination, I like to dress the kids in tights or pants with a comfy T-shirt. If they feel cold, I just layer their clothes with a jacket.

I always keep in mind that i can’t expect the kids to be angels on the plane, sometimes they’re going to have meltdowns, that’s inevitable. But I try my very best to make the flight enjoyable for everyone, including those sitting around us.

Happy holidays!

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