Sports Day

Ever since Ally heard about Sports day, she has been practicing her running and jumping each afternoon. I kept reminding her that its a NON-competitive sports day but I don’t think she heard me. The school did a great job, as we drove round the corner, the fences were decorated with colorful balloons. She kept saying to me ” Mama! It’s a party! It’s a party!”

They divided the children into colored teams, each team consisted of kids from Pre-K up to K2. Ally was in yellow so we had to scramble to find her a yellow T-shirt.

Getting suited up

They had team cheers, clappers and the works! The kids were really jazzed up and we started the day with a morning jog around the neighbourhood.

Ally doing the morning jog all on her own, I volunteered to be a road marshall which invovled standing under a tree and holding a sign

They had several activities and games lined up for the children. There was even a Judo and Baseball demonstration which Ally absolutely loved. Parents were asked to participate and there were several parent-child races as well.

Ally doing sit-and-reach, I cleverly opted to sit this one out

Waiting for her turn to participate in the Judo demo

Snack time with friends

Showing off her medal after a morning of fun

Every child received a medal for their efforts but I’m sure the children were happier with the ice lollies and balloons that were given out at the end of the morning.

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