Trip To Bouncing Kids

If you live in the Northen part of Singapore or the North-East area, you might want to check out Bouncing Kids.  I happen to chance upon their website and thought I’ll bring the kids to try it out.

It’s a small play area, if you’ve ever been to Atlantis City at Delta sports complex, it’s a similar set up. However instead of being spread out, bouncing kids is a 3 story play scape. It would appeal to kids up to age 7 , in my personal opinion.

Picture is a little blurry, took it on my iphone

The place was very quiet, there were only two other little girls in the play area. Temperature checks were taken and both children were asked to sterelise their hands.  Max and Ally had a blast, some of the climbing structures were a bit challenging for Max but with Ally’s help and encouragement, he managed it all.

I love the fact that the place is quiet, I don’t have to worry about older kids pushing Max , or Ally running over any younger children. It’s also small enough that I can keep an eye on both children without having to climb up and down, in and out of tunnels.

If you’re looking for a huge sprawling indoor playground , this is not the place. But there are lots of fun elements packed into this compact three story structure. Firstly, there are your usual tunnels and rope tunnels, a suspension bridge and 3 different slides. One is a side by side, gentle enough for young ones, another is slightly longer and steeper which ends in a ball pool. Getting up to that slide is slightly more challenging, but the slide itself isn’t scary. Kids love sliding into a pool of balls and the area is well padded. The last slide can only be reached after climbing up to the 3rd story, its a twisty tunnel slide which is more gentle than it looks.  We’ve been to most indoor playgrounds and I’ve found that a lot of the slides are too fast and slippery for the younger children. Ally has gotten burns and bumps from a couple, not a big deal but not ideal for young kids.

We’ll definitely be back, both kids are hooked on the slides and it’s quite a fun way to spend an otherwise boring afternoon.

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