Importance of Unstructured Play

Thanks to Mum in the Making, she had me thinking of a very important aspect of our children’s lives. Unlike Mama J though, I don’t feel guilty about leaving the kids to play on their own. We don’t have a maid, I work part time from home and the children just learn to adapt and amuse themselves.

We have a house rule that Ally is allowed to watch one TV program when she comes home from school each day. Other than that, the TV is usually turned off. After a whole morning at Kindy, I know she needs some down time to just chill out.

After their afternoon naps, the children usually find something to amuse themselves with. As I’m typing this now, they have pulled out all their Legos and are busy building a town.

I know a lot of children Ally’s age that have activities lined up for them every single day. Well meaning parents have forgotten that unstructured play is essential for children. It helps them be creative, it gives them the opportunity to be spontaneous, to just be kids.

If you schedule a child from day to night, they learn to EXPECT you to fill their lives with things to do. I honestly believe children need down time as much as adults do. They need to have time to just be, I notice Ally likes to lie in her bed and day dream. At times she sings songs to herself or makes up stories with her stuffed penguins.

When the children are playing on their own, I love to sit and watch. It gives me a great insight into their characters and the innocent banter always makes me laugh. At times I’m invited to join them and I usually let them lead the game while I just play along.

Growing up our parents never structured out time, they just left us to our own devices. I remember pulling out a bucket of water one day and pouring it all over the living room floor. I then took a mop and pretended to be Cinderella. I have to give credit to my mom for not even batting an eyelid and letting me carry on my game of make believe.

Max dressed up in his riding "helmet" playing horses with Ally

Ally with her riding "helmet"

Here is a short and sweet article on why we should allow our kids to just play.  Oops, a fight over Lego has just broken out, time for me to restore peace!


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  1. I’m all for unstructured play too. It’s amusing to see how far their imagination can take us.

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