Branded Schools

Ally turned 4 this year and already the topic of which Primary school that she’ll be attending has cropped up more than once. Despite the distance that she’ll have to travel, we have decided that she’ll attend my former primary school. Not because it’s one of the “branded ” schools in Singapore, but because it saves me the hassle of deciding which school to put her in.

Many of my friends are envious that she’s guaranteed a place in a prestigious school. Many people argue that branded schools provide your child a better education and a better learning environment. With Max, we don’t have a specific school in mind for him. Since Matt didn’t go through the Singapore education system, Max is left to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

In the end, we might have one child in a ” branded ” school and the other in a regular school. Both children will be a good experiment to see if a branded school is indeed better.  Of course it’s not a fair comparison, Ally and Max are two very different children with different learning styles.

From first hand experience, I can honestly say that branded schools are not all that they are made out to be. I have met far too many principals who have this mindset ” if you can’t keep up to the standards that I set, you shouldn’t be here” These principals stress on maintaining their top 10 ranking which puts a lot of stress on the teachers which therefore create a pressure cooker environment for the children.

I was lucky enough to have a principal who cared about nurturing an all round student. Yes she wanted us to get good grades but her emphasis was on values and etiquette. She has sadly retired and I hope the new principal has kept some of the core values of the school.


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