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Appreciating Our Children

I am the first to admit that at certain points throughout the day I wish I had 5 minutes of ALONE time. I feel guilty when I snap at the children because I’m sleep deprived, busy or just plain impatient.

Today I just found out that a friend has lost her child to cancer. He was 11 and had been fighting cancer since he was just 4 1/2. His last week on earth was painful and he suffered like no human being, much less a child, should ever have to.

It is moments like this that make me remember to be grateful, to be grateful for healthy children. To be grateful that I  have my children by my side day after day. To be grateful that they are asleep soundly in their own beds in their own home, not in a strange hospital.  To be grateful that I’ve been given these two precious children to love and to nurture. It’s something I have to remind myself when I’m having a rough day with them, when I desperately need to find that extra ounce of patience.

Rest in peace dear Ethan, you’ve fought the good fight.

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