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Entertaining The Kids

When a child is bored, they will do all sorts of things to try and get some attention. When you have two bored children, they start to annoy each other to get some attention, they call each other names, they kick one another and whine till your ears bleed. Or maybe it’s just my kids that do that when they are bored.

For me the hardest part of the day is between 4-6pm, the kids are starting to get tired, hubby isn’t home from work yet and dinner needs to be prepared. Everyone is starting to get cranky and sometimes the worst one is me. I’ve found that one of the best ways to spend the “bewitching hour” as I call it, is to get the kids out and about. We either head to a nearby park or if I can summon enough energy, we take a drive to the Botanics.

We love going to the Botanics because I don’t have to prepare their dinner. We usually eat at the cafe and then let the kids run around after that.

Amusing himself with a paper napkin while waiting for dinner

Ally joins in the fun

Family favourite, beef hor fun!

The park is lovely in the evening, most of the time there is a cool breeze and best of all you can always be sure that there will be other children around for the kids to play with. Max loves looking out for the different dogs that are having their evening walks. If I had an extra arm, I would take Neesha along with us as well but running after two children, carrying their bikes and scooters when they are tired is more than enough for me. I swear, sometimes I look more like a sherpa than a mom. Today I had a tricycle in one hand, Ally’s scooter in the other, the picnic mat folded under my arm as well as my own bag. Where were my children? Running ahead of me and laughing that Mama was walking so slowly.  That’s gratitude for you. Since we were at the edge of the pond, I figured it was safer for them to walk then to ride their bikes.

The kids have a hilarious concept of hide and seek. It involves Max standing still and “counting” to 10 while Ally goes to “hide” behind some small shrub. I say “hide” because more often that not, she is just standing a few meters away from him. Once Max finishes his counting, they run towards each other and burst out laughing.

Ally told him to close his eyes and count to 10 and this is what he did. We couldn't stop laughing

Finally he got the hang of it 2nd time round

We usually meet up with our group of friends at the park but today it was just us. The kids didn’t mind though and had a fun time chasing each other around. Max decided that it was fun to spin himself dizzy till he fell onto the grass, I was more worried that he was going to give himself a concussion.

What's soft and squishy and nice to lie on? Ally!

They were literally rolling in the grass, well, on the grass really.

We survived the trip, no one got badly hurt, mommy’s sanity is still intact , a successful outing if I do say so myself.

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