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Evening At The Pool

We took the kids for a quick swim the other evening. Max can now swim a short distance underwater all on his own and he was eager to show off his new skill to Matt. Ally is always up for a swim, even when the water is freezing cold.

She didn't care that the water was cold and jumped straight in.

The rest of us would have preferred to sit on the side like Max

She loves making a big spalsh

Her swimming has really improved in the last few months

We only swam for about 20 minutes cos it really was cold especially with the evening breeze. Max’s lips were turning purple by the end of it. Though it was  a short swim, both kids really enjoyed themselves. In addition to their weekly swim class, we try to bring them to the pool whenever we can to help build their confidence. Ally is a great role model for Max who has finally realised that he CAN actually swim and is now starting to love it.

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