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Back To Basics

Like most kids these days, Ally and Max love the iPhone and iPad. We allow the children to use them for a couple of minutes a day. The other day Ally asked if she could use the iPad, since she had used it quite a bit over the weekend, I said no. She didn’t put up a fight or fuss, instead she went to find Max.

The two of them make up all sorts of funny games to play, often Ally is the leader and Max just follows her instructions. I remember playing such make believe games as a young child, often with my own soft toys since my brother is 4 years older than I am and which 8 year old would want to play house with his little sister? I believe it’s important for the kids to just play, without fancy toys, without gadgets. At times I will bring out a bucket and a stack of bean bags and we play bean bag toss, other times a simple ball and a racket provides fun and laughter.

I was trying to make out what game they were playing today and as I walked around the house I could see evidence of their play.

Their pet dog going for a walk in the rain, hence the rain hat.

Their little wooden farm set up

People hanging out on the bench

As I’m typing out this post now, they are in the background singing “Happy Birthday” to their animal friends. Think I’ll go and join in the celebrations.

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