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Singapore Art Museum

On a whim I decided to take the kids to Art Garden at SAM. We went to the one last year and Ally enjoyed herself, Max was a bit too young then to really understand what was going on.

When we reached the entrance , there was some communal drumming going on and everyone was invited to join in. Ally was pretty excited while Max took a while to warm up. The music was great though, with all the different drums and percussion instruments.

Ally joining in the drumming

The first exhibit that we stopped at was the elephant, both kids lost interest in that pretty quickly so we headed to a room that I knew Max would love.

Art made with Thomas train tracks, Max's eyes literally lit up the moment he walked in

He kept wanting to touch the display, not understanding that it wasn't meant for him to play with

We waited for a turn to play with the tracks and sure enough, the children didn’t want to leave. Max built his little track and was contented with just pushing his train around after that. Ally took great pains to try and help build the largest track that she could possibly build.

Dying to touch everything in the room

Building their tracks

The crowd came much later

The other exhibit that they really enjoyed was the one with the dress up dolls. Both kids had fun decorating the giant cake and dressing up the different dolls. By then the crowd had started to come in so we moved on.

They had fun pushing the circles around and climbing on them

The kids enjoyed Art Garden, I personally felt that last year’s was slightly better. If you’re planning on going, there is free admission on Fridays from 6pm to 9pm and on open house days. Art Garden runs to the 30th of August.



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