Daily Archives: July 12, 2011

Leave Me Alone

From the moment the kids wake up, I am bombarded by the sounds of ” Mama Mama!” It happens on average of once every 30 seconds, multiply that by their number of waking hours and that’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

On good days I can tolerate it pretty well, on bad days like yesterday, I’ve just about had it by dinner time. I was trying to have my dinner and both kids kept calling out to me. I turned to them and said ” I don’t want to hear a word of Mama mama until I’ve finished my dinner, talk to your father instead.”  To Matt’s credit he knows exactly when I am about to lose the plot and automatically takes over. We work like a well oiled wheel which is a huge blessing on crazy days.

Before you think I’m just whining and complaining, I know that this phase will soon pass. Later on they will much prefer to hang out with their friends instead of their old mama. But I’ve had a screaming, crying and whiny child in the house the whole of yesterday and I’m not referring to myself so please allow me to rant for now.

I'm not naming anyone but the screaming whiny child looked a lot like this little guy


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