Max is 2!

Max turned 2 last week and as per family tradition, we threw him a small party for a couple of close friends. Ally had a similar party for her 2nd birthday as well. We don’t usually organise parties for the kids each year, just on their 2nd birthdays. Why a 2nd birthday party? Firstly they’re old enough to appreciate it unlike a 1st birthday. Secondly, they haven’t yet started school so their social circle is still small. Yes, I have put thought into this.

They ran out of Thomas candles but these were pretty cute

It was roughly the same as Ally’s 2nd party, we hired a bouncy castle and a slide for the kids, young and old. I brought Max’s train set and his box of cars/trains. They turned out to be a big hit, who knew that watching trains roll down a slide could be so much fun.

Always the protective big sister

I was a bit worried that Ally might feel jealous since she wasn’t getting a party this year. We explained to her that she had a similar party when she was 2. Being the sweet girl that she is, she enjoyed celebrating her brother’s birthday with everyone else.

The birthday boy having his 3rd cream puff

We were so lucky to have family and friends help out, my dear cousins once again helped me to set up for the party and to clean up after. A dear friend baked Max’s birthday cake and did such a fantastic job, Max’s eyes lit up the minute he saw it. The children and I felt so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends.

In the safe arms of his favourite Uncle

Pointing out the ballons to his ever patient Uncle B

Grandma's precious darling

Enjoying his bouncy castle

What's a party without ballons? Even though Mama is terrified of them

Thomas and friends made their appearance

Max's expression when we started singing Happy Birthday to him

My big boy blowing out his candles

Nothing stands between the boy and his cake

Ally and her favourite grand aunt

Ally had a great time at the party, and way too much sugar

Daddy's precious monkeys

Max had a great time, he enjoyed the attention and definitely enjoyed the cake. By the end of the party we had two kids who were on a massive sugar high. Happy Birthday our dear Max!


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