Sweets For My Sweet

Last week a box of fabric arrived at my doorstep. I have to stop here and say that I give my husband full credit for not giving me a look that says “More fabric?!” Anyway, it was some stuff that I had ordered awhile ago, and in the box was an adorable cupcake fabric.

As much as I loved the fabric, I knew it wasn’t realistic for someone my age to be seen in something so cutesy. Plus, I only ordered a meter of it which meant either my bottom or top half would be left uncovered, not good. So I found a pattern from my book “Little Girls, Big Style” and made a halter neck dress for Ally.

The ruffles were a pain in the butt as always but she’s really into twirly skirts and dresses at the moment. After my previous dress disasters, I made sure to measure Ally’s chest and match it to the sizes given. The last dress I made was big enough to fit 2 Allys. Lesson learned.

I made a US size 3 which fitted her perfectly



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4 responses to “Sweets For My Sweet

  1. that looks amazing! Are you taking orders?? šŸ™‚

    • After the torturous 4 hours trying to put the dress together, I don’t think I’ll attempt that dress for a while. Those silly twirly bits just drive me nuts!

  2. Mary Abreu

    It’s totally adorable! I know what you mean about all that gathering, though. I usually cheat and use my serger. Lol! I hope you continue to enjoy the book!

  3. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by, I do love the book! Any plans to write one for boy’s clothes? I’m still deciding if I should invest in a serger, being a beginner, the whole machine looks kind of scary and intimidating.

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