Kid’s Chef Hat and Apron

The kids love their little kitchen set, Ally likes to pretend to be a “cooker” while Max thinks banging the metal pots together is the best thing ever.

A few days ago, Ally has been asking for a chef’s hat and apron, she claimed that she would not be a real “cooker” without one.  I turned to my trusty Google to try and find a tutorial and found something at Moda Bake Shop. Of course I didn’t bother with the quilting effect, I just used one piece of cloth for the hat. Honestly, the hat took all of 15 minutes to make and it turned out so cute!

Sorry for the poor picture quality, they were taken on my phone

For the apron, I didn’t fancy the one they showed, in the end I roughly drew what I thought looked like an apron and went from there. I guessed measurements based on the clothes since they were already in bed. The most difficult or rather annoying part of the apron was turning the straps right side out. Fancy people have something called a tube turner, I’m not one of them which would explain the cussing and swearing as I battled the task with a chopstick.

When Ally saw the apron set the next day, she couldn’t stop jumping around wanting to try it. Max on the other hand looked at me with hesitation before announcing ” don’t want!! don’t want!!” This would explain why there are no photos of the son in his apron.

My Yummy Chef



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2 responses to “Kid’s Chef Hat and Apron

  1. Jus

    Wow… you are sewing up a storm my dear! 🙂 Love the aprons and hats… and I love that photo wall you have behind Ally too!

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