Testing Times

Max is going through a phase at the moment, its the ” I’ll try my best to drive my mother up the wall” phase. He is clingy, whiny and about 5 other miserable dwarfs all lumped into one. It started a few days ago and escalated yesterday. Nothing was right yesterday, he cried over every thing. Shoes weren’t put on properly, cry, had to wait for his meal, cry, you name it, he cried.

Naps and bedtimes are the worst, the boy who used to sleep all by himself now screams and cries anywhere from 5 minutes to 1.5 hours. Yes, 1.5 hours! Thankfully dear Ally can sleep with his screaming, I have no idea how she does it. The rest of us plug in our headphones and wait till he falls asleep.  We have determined that he’s not sick, at least not physically but is definitely threading on very thin ice. He was put in the naughty corner last night and will keep being sent there as long as he keeps this up. It’s a battle of wills to see who breaks first, him or us. In the meantime I shall provide you with pictures of a rather innocent and sweet looking Max taken at his last shoot.

Don't be deceived by his angelic look, the boy sure has a big set of lungs


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