Ally’s School Report

It’s nearly the end of the term and I have a parent/teacher conference with Ally’s teacher on Monday. I didn’t even realise that they give out reports for Pre-K! Don’t think we had those in my time.

Ally is doing well in school, socially she has made friends and is able to share with others. I’m really please that they complimented her on her good manners as well. True to herself, she likes to stick to a particular routine and her teacher noted that she needs to be encouraged to try out new things.

Her fine motor skills has improved, she is more willing to write and often at home, will ask me for paper to draw. What a difference 4 months has made.  Academically, Maths seems to be her strongest subject at this point, as for her mandarin, she’s doing way better than I thought. Her teacher is pleased with her progress and I was shocked she actually could count to ten since we don’t speak mandarin to her at all.

Her report confirms everything we already know about her, I’m glad to see that she has settled into school so well. Most importantly, she looks forward to going and is keen to learn.


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