It’s Too Darn Hot!

The heat has really been getting to all of us, Max looks like he perpetually just had a shower and everyone has been just that little bit more irritable.

Ally had the day off school so we decided to pack up and find somewhere to cool down. We decided to head to our favourite park which had a water area for the kids to play in.

Notice we have 2 watering cans and 2 buckets and yet, they will still fight cos obviously one is better than the other in their eyes.

And yet at times they are so sweet to each other

Ally is always ready to dive into any pool of water while Max is still quite cautious and would rather keep his head dry

The kids had a great time cooling off while I sat on the sides boiling in the hot sun. Best part about the morning? I had two hungry and tired children who quickly finished their lunches and took a long nap. Bliss.


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2 responses to “It’s Too Darn Hot!

  1. Jus

    Oh yes, the heat has been getting to us too! Am melting! Its been water play and swimming everytime we go out, since at least we don’t have to worry that little boy catches a cold! Is that Lower Seletar? We love the place, but the little boy freaks out at the larger fountains! He’s like Max, takes awhile to get used to all the splashing!

  2. Yup its Lower seletar, the kids aren’t fans of the large fountains as well so we mainly stick to the upper deck.

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