Book Week

Ally’s school always has lots of fun activities lined up. Last week was ” Book Week”, the whole school went on a field trip to Ang Mo Kio Library and the week ended with a ” Come As Your Favourite Character” parade. I had prepared Ally’s penguin costume a few weeks back and she was so excited to show it off to her teachers and friends.

My little penguin!

Max was a real trooper the whole morning, entertaining himself with his toys

The teachers had set up a “runway” and each child had to walk down, show the book which their character is from and say a little something about their character.  I watched with pride as Ally walked confidently down, told everyone about her character and walked back.

She wasn't nervous at all!

Waiting for her turn

There were a bunch of other great costumes from the rest of the kids.

Willy Wonka


Max and I stayed with Ally for the entire morning since it made no sense for us to drive back and forth within an hour.

Ally was very good at sharing her snack with Max

The kids had fun in the playground, a new swing set was installed and both kids couldn’t wait to try it out.

Monkey 1

Monkey 2

Age is definitely catching up, I felt sick after sitting on the swing

Max had fun kicking the ball around. His shorts were proudly made by his mama



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2 responses to “Book Week

  1. lamagier

    Max’s shorts are lovely! I noticed it in the first photo and was so surprised to see that it was a “made-with-love” piece of clothing! Very well fitting and well made!

  2. i lurve the penguin outfit! did they award her for the best costume? They Should! i wouldn’t have thought you’d be a ‘seamstress’ the first time i met you! Ha! You’re awesome! you’re my inspiration! Now hope i can finish off that dress for my girl…..

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