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As a special treat, I took Ally out of school for a day so we could head to Universal Studios. It started out as a plan for a girl’s day out but the boys decided to come along as well so we ended up having a fantastic family day.

Ally is a real theme park fan, she loves the rides and is actually really brave for her age. We sat the canopy flyer about 7 times at her request. Once again, little Max patiently waited while Ally went on her rides. We took turns and I was quite happy to let Matt take her on the flyer as it’s not one of my favourites. I don’t do well when there is nothing concrete beneath my legs. Ally actually said ” don’t worry Mama, I will hold your hand, it’s not scary” How embarrassing!

Max went on a couple of rides as well, we let the kids have as many sweet treats as they wanted that day since it was a special day.

We think Max bears a real resemblance to the Friar

The weather was scorching hot, and what better way to cool down then to run under the water jets. I badly wanted to join in but I’m sure someone would have called security if they saw me jumping around with the kids. It didn’t really matter actually cos I got soaked on one of the other rides.

Ally always knows how to have a good time

My two boys šŸ™‚

Since it was just Matt and I with the kids, we took turns sitting rides that we wanted. Matt went on Battlestar which to our surprise, had no queue at all. He took both the red and the blue ride while I chickened out and took only the red one. Hanging legs and 360 turns are not my kind of thing.

Sharing an ice cream while waiting for Daddy

Ally looked a bit worried while waiting for Matt

The crowds weren’t too bad since we went on a weekday. The longest we had to wait was 40 minutes for the canopy ride but later in the afternoon the crowds started to thin out and there was hardly any queue.

My sweaty little man

Sci-Fi world, Max wasn't too scared of the stilt walkers but he was afraid of the other mascots

Finally a tamer ride, Ally and her beloved penguins

In my personal opinion, the most boring ride in the park but the kids love it.

We had dinner at the chinese restaurant in the park. I wasn’t expecting much, you know what theme park food is like. But the food honestly wasn’t too bad. Prices weren’t cheap but reasonable, or as reasonable as you can expect in a theme park. The portions were huge which was great cos we were starving. We ordered enough food for 6 people and even the waitress was concern that we had over ordered. Ally surprised her by polishing off the entire portion of Ee-Fu mee on her own. She may be small, but that child is going to eat us poor.

It was one of those fantastic family days, both kids were very well behaved and we had lots of fun hanging out together.


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