Shorts Screw Up

I’ve been sewing shorts for the children for quite a while now and after trying numerous patterns, I have decided that making my own is the way to go. I can customise it to fit my kids. Along the way I have made numerous mistakes, mistakes that an experienced seamstress would just roll his/her eyes at. So I will now share some of those mistakes with you in the hope that you can avoid doing the same thing I did.

When I make my own pattern, I usually take a pair of shorts that fit them at this point in time. Remember, when tracing the pattern, ALWAYS leave room for seam allowance, as I have found out the hard way.

Secondly, when drawing out the waistband, don’t forget to STRETCH the waist or you’ll end up with a pair of shorts that has a waist to fit a doll. Been there, done that.

You know how you’re always told to iron out seams? It really does make a difference so don’t be lazy like I am. When it comes to hemming up the shorts I don’t bother with the iron since I can’t seem to fold over and iron 1/4 of an inch without burning my fingers.

Cut a more generous length then you think you might need or you’ll end up sewing hot pants for your toddler. Not a good idea.

If your child is still in diapers, don’ forget to leave allowance for the length and bulk of the diaper. Learned that the hard way as well.

Max's favourite pair of Thomas shorts, yes Thomas is upside down on purpose cos he likes looking down at him

Are you keen to try and make your own pair of shorts? Check out these few links to start.

1) Ikat Bag : How to sew shorts

2)Julie-bird: Easy Kids shorts pattern

3) How to sew Kids Pants


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  1. Jus

    Hahaha, now I know why the trains are upside down! So cute that you sew them that way so he can look at his shorts! 🙂

    Thanks for the tips, now time for me to dig out the sewing machine and try some shorts of my own…

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