The Story of A Penguin Costume

It all started off with a notice from Ally’s school informing everyone about “Book Week”. The kids were going to an excursion to the library and they had to dress up as their favourite story book character. I thought Ally would have wanted to go as “Lola” from her favourite series ” Charlie and Lola” , that would have been easy since Lola is a little girl just like Ally. Trust my child to tell me ” Actually Mama, I would like to go as Ben’s penguin”  The book ” penguin” by Polly Dunbar is one of our family’s favourites.

So I began the task of hunting for a pattern, and thank goodness I came across this site. It was perfect! I had to do some alterations since she made it for her 1 year old daughter. I used a jersey cotton blend instead of fleece since it’s much cooler. It took me about two hours to finally finish her costume.

It fitted her perfectly! She was thrilled and so was I, there are a few little changes that has to be done but on the whole I’m so pleased with the result. Take a look and tell me what you think.

My adorable penguin


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  1. Jus

    It looks perfect on Ally! Well done mama! 🙂

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