Hanging Out With Max

After dropping Ally off at school the other morning, Max and I decided to take a detour instead of heading back home. We landed up at Tampines so we headed to Giant to do some supermarket shopping. It was only 9am and the car park was already 1/4 full. I have to say it’s so much faster just doing the supermarket shopping with one child. It’s usually a family affair and with two curious toddlers, it can take quite a while to buy the things we need.

Once that was done we crossed over to Ikea for some breakfast. Max had his first taste of baked beans which he LOVED. I for one, wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Baked beans, French Toast and Sausages... yummy!

Ikea is absolutely insane during the weekends, but on weekdays it’s quiet and a really nice place to shop. Definitely one of the highlights of being a stay at home mom, you never have to jostle with the weekend crowd.

It's rare to see him eating and enjoying his food so much, I couldn't help but take some pictures.

And of course, what’s a trip to Ikea without some play time? For once Max was the only child in the little play area. He had run zooming his Thomas train all around.

He kept asking "Where's Ally?" Poor little guy was missing his playmate

Since the store was relatively empty, I allowed Max to wander around till it was time to pick Ally up from school. Not a bad way to spend the morning, beats sitting at my desk having to work!


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